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Vioxx is another term for Rofecoxib, which is a drug used by many American people to relieve symptoms and signs of painful menstrual cycles, acute pains in adults, and arthritis. However, when Vioxx was suspected to have caused thousands of heart attacks case in the United States, it was pulled out from the market by its manufacturer. Because of this incident, a law was created to protect the health and safety of people against the use of Vioxx. From this law, people can know their rights and seek legal evaluation on their case. Hiring a Vioxx lawyer is best especially if you have been a victim yourself of the drugs or one of your family members had suffered from it.

Compared to Neproxin of Aleve and Ibuprofen of Advil, Vioxx is easier on the stomach and can reduce pain. However, studies proved that long-term use of such drug can increase the risks of strokes and heart attacks on patients. In addition, research shows that more and more people are still using Vioxx because of the aggressive campaigns of its manufacturer. Commonly, Vioxx is prescribed for migraine headache attacks, primary dymenorrhea, acute pains, PMS, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

If you or one of your family members is a victim of Vioxx, you are eligible to file a lawsuit or litigation case. The grounds for filing lawsuit include sudden death, heart attack, and stroke of the victim who had intake the drug based on the marketing and advertising of Vioxx as an alternative medicine for chronic pains. Apparently, Vioxx as well as other anti-inflammatory or non-steroidal drugs were not tested long enough to determine its safety on patients. It was too late for FDA to advise the manufacturers to post proper warnings on the labels of the drugs. As a result, thousands of physicians have prescribed Vioxx as treatment to their patients.

Many Vioxx law firms are accepting clients on an emergency fee basis, which means there are no fees involved until and unless the patients or clients recovered from the Vioxx intake. If clients do not recovered anything during the entire duration of the lawsuit, then they are entitled to pay anything. The emergency fee is usually based on a pre-agreed fraction depending on the risks and complexity involved in the Vioxx lawsuit.

There are differences between Vioxx multi-district litigation, individual litigation, and class action suit. The Vioxx multi-distinct litigation gives every person the benefit of going through judicial efficiencies and economy of scale. In Vioxx individual litigation, every lawyer of the person prosecutes his or her case aside from any other cases. If a Vioxx lawyer has multiple clients, every client will receive individual attention. In this litigation, some cases may end up in Federal court cue to diversity of citizenship between the manufacturer and the claimant. As this happens, the individual temporarily gets consolidated among other cases in the Federal court.

In Vioxx class action lawsuit, people who have the similar cases will be gathered together in a class to prosecute their claims in a manner that is more efficient. The process of this lawsuit starts with a single or two persons who agree to be the class representative. Apparently, this class representative is still subject for approval by the court. In addition, a series of requirements is also reviewed by the court.