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Mesothelioma Law or also known as Asbestos Law covers legal option on the overview of Mesothelioma as a disease. Such disease is a rare form of cancer resulting from asbestos exposures. This disease had been affecting thousands of people every year worldwide. One devastating component of this disease is its progress to an advanced stage have limited medical options for treatment although it is easily cured once diagnosed at an early stage.

Over the years, legal professionals who have been specializing in Mesothelioma Law are helping more families to acquire financial assistance for medical expenses of their family member who is diagnosed with Mesothelioma.

Between the late 18th and 19th centuries, asbestos was considered an ultimate material to use in the construction business. This material is known to have high electrical resistance, and excellent fire retardant. It is also easy to use and inexpensive. However, the problem from this material arises when its fibers became airborne and people get to inhale it. The size of the asbestos fibers cannot be expelled by the lungs. The fibers are also sharp and can penetrate internal tissues. This gave birth to the health problem of Mesothelioma.

Apart from Mesothelioma, there are also other diseases related to asbestos exposure. Among these diseases include asbestosis and cancer. Asbestosis is the scarring of the lung tissues from the acid produced by the attempt of the body to dissolve the asbestos fibers. The scarring can get severe eventually making the lungs not to function anymore. The latency period of the disease before it can be developed is between 10-20 years. Meanwhile, the cancer disease may lead to cancer of the larynx, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, and lungs.

With the rise of several diseases related to asbestos, the use of this material had been banned worldwide. A law was created for the ban implementation. This law is known as the Mesothelioma Law. More than 60 countries worldwide have enacted this law. Among them include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, New Zealand, United States, and United Kingdom.

The Mesothelioma Law covers a nationwide ban on usage and importation of all forms of asbestos. A consistent approach is also promoted by this law to control asbestos exposure in workplaces as well as introduction of safety and health practice measures for asbestos removal, control, and management.

The Province of Quebec is the only operating asbestos mine in Canada. The mines are owned by the Quebec government. It exports asbestos to mostly poor and Asian countries. In 1999, the Mesothelioma Law was enacted by Canada through the help of the World Trade Organization.

In the United Kingdom, the Mesothelioma Law aims to minimize the use and disturbance of materials containing asbestos within the workplaces of British workers. Aside from banning the asbestos materials, guidelines were also disseminated to British workers on how to manage the use of asbestos.

Mesothelioma Law also covers the removal of products that are high-risk asbestos non-domestic properties. Further guidance should be applied as well as licenses on the use of such products.