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DUI or Drinking Under the Influrence have numerous consequences that are both emotional and legal. Because of the increasing number of injuries and deaths related to DUI, many countries and states have become outrageously concern about the lack of social responsibility. It had been enacted the penalties on the offenders should be made stiff and strict.

Various laws have been enacted and covered by DUI. As you become involved in a DUI case, it would be best to have your own lawyer who is knowledgeable on DUI laws. In this way, your sentence will be reduced in certain process. Today, judges have sent clear messages to many nations that any act of irresponsibility under the DUI laws will not be tolerated instead individuals involved will be subject under harsh penalties and fines.

Drunk driving is one of the topics covered under the DUI laws. Different acts have been passed concerning drunk driving. Today, in all states, the legal age for drinking is 21 years old. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited because most of the cases of drunk driving involve teenagers or young adults.

The DUI laws across the globe are becoming much stricter. It is now being enforced with great diligence. Drunk driving is such a big deal in many states today possibly because of the many cases of deaths, accidents, and injuries related to it. Once a driving person is drunk, his or her brain slows down because the alcohol in the body is reacting as a depressant. Moreover, some of the messages sent by the senses to the brain are suppressed. As a result, if a car in front is stopping, the driving person cannot register it to his or her brain. On the contrary, the picture may register late, thus delayed action will be made. The picture that a drunk driving person is often distorted.

Insurance companies commonly handle DUI cases. In most cases, the insurance company would often check the vehicle records of the person every three years. However, in some scenarios, there are drunk driving convictions that escape the attention of the insurance company and do not end up having a DUI record. One reason for this is the lack of shared information between the motor vehicle agency and the courts. In some form of alternative methods, the DUI conviction of a certain person is erased.

Apparently, if the insurance company discovers about the old DUI record, it may cost some penalties on the person. The penalties can be in forms of non-renewal of policy, policy cancellation, or higher insurance rates. Once a person is convicted of DUI, the car insurance carriers will declined the coverage similar on how an insurance company will reject the case if a person’s DUI record is discovered eventually.

On the contrary, if a car insurance company discovers about your DUI conviction, the company will not give you higher premiums automatically. Most car insurance companies review the driving history of a DUI convicted person as well as his or her claim records before making a decision.

Most of the states worldwide, require DUI convicted drivers to acquire an SR-22 from their insurance company. In this way, the person convicted will not be able to avoid having the insurance company discovered about his or her DUI record.