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Nowadays, hiring general practice lawyers is a trend for most business people and companies because these lawyers would normally tell them things that they can do or not under the jurisdiction of the law. In some cases, they would often hire general practice lawyers who can take their side in court against other parties or government. Being a good general practice lawyer is not easy. You must have the extensive experience in handling legal cases and matters. You must also have the knowledge of legal facts based on books. In addition, you must know how to speak and write those legal facts before passing it to other people.

Computers are best source of information for general practice lawyers. From here, they can prove and not prove legal facts that they usually use in their work. Most of the general practice lawyers of today work in companies with other attorneys or for themselves. Some lawyers regularly work only for one company or individual. Some lawyers prefer to become instructor for those people who wanted to become a lawyer. Some lawyers even work for the government.

Courtrooms, law libraries, and offices are the best places to work in for general practice lawyers. Apparently, some lawyers prefer meeting in their client’s houses or any particular place for business discussion. The lawyers would often meet clients in prisons or hospitals. They also get to travel to gather evidence, attend meetings, and appear before legislative bodies, courts, and other authorities. General practice lawyers often work in long hours most likely if they are handling a trial in court.

General practice lawyers can be specialized as criminal lawyers, civil lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, environmental lawyers, international lawyers, tax lawyers, and probate lawyers.

A general practice law typically comprises a vast range of practice law areas that include real estate, litigation, insurance law, estate planning, family law, business law, bankruptcy, personal injury law, and accident law. Any licensed lawyers can generally take any type of case within the state where he or she is permitted to practice.

Law firms can engage in general practice law as well as other types of law. However, there are some law firms that focus only on one area of law such as Communications Law, Accidents & Personal Injury Law, or Intellectual Property Law. There are also law firms that focus on particular client groups or firms such as bank and entertainment industry.

A formal lawsuit covered by the general practice law may involve basic processes. Here are the following steps:

  • Dismissal of the demand letter and offer to submit the case to an alternative argument resolution procedure.
  • Filing of a complaint by the petitioner.
  • Complaint service for all defendants.
  • Demurrer or response by the defendant.
  • Counterclaim or cross-complaint served and filed by the defendant.
  • Discovery of facts such as requests for admissions, disclosure of experts, depositions, formal & informal interrogatories.
  • Motions of the court to the lawsuit by any party.
  • Pre-trial proceedings that include jury instructions, pre-trial briefs, preliminary motions, referral to arbitration or mediation, settlement conferences, and case management conferences.
  • Trial by jury or judge that include jury instructions of the judge, closing statements, presentation of witnesses through cross examination, opening statements, and jury selection.
  • Providing of a judgment by the jury or judge.
  • Post trial motions such as motion for reconsideration or motion for mistrial.
  • Appeal on the judgment.